Bone Conduction Device
Bone Conduction

Bone conduction is a way to perceive the sound. Compared with air conduction, bone conduction transmits sound waves with no need of passing through eardrums, and the vibrator is used to send sound waves for bone vibration to auditory nerve.

Bone Conduction Characteristics:
1. Reduce the burden of “eardrums” and the risk of hearing loss.
2. Wear the device without blocking the ear, and care for ear canal hygiene and health.
3. Used in music earphones, hearing aid equipment, communication services in noisy environment, IOT sensor application, IOT sensing field, etc.

Bone Conduction

The bone conduction device is a kind of sound conduction device used in hearing equipment (such as earphones and hearing aids). The sound source signal (including electrical signal) is converted into mechanical vibration. The hearing equipment is used to touch the human bone and transmit vibration to human bones so that the people can recognize the sound through bones.

The latest-generation bone conduction device adopted by our company is the micro vibrator with high sensitivity, ultra precision and low energy consumption, having a diameter of only about 10 mm, which simplifies the internal components to the fullest extent and achieves the lightweight integrated design. The ultra-wide frequency range from 4Hz to 40KHz presents extensive sound domain and full sound field, to radiate the new sound sense of Bone Audio and bring pure bone conduction hearing enjoyment.

Bone Conduction

1. Highly-sensitive vibration transmission unit
The built-in vibration transmission unit is made of ultra-light high-steel materials, with strong elasticity, able to achieve highly-sensitive vibration transmission capacity, provide deep low-frequency flexibility, and realize clear and bright medium & high audio.

2. PreciseAir 3.0 technology
Configure PreciseAir 3.0 technology, achieve the fixed structure of each component embedded in the ring, realize the functions of high stability, strong sensitivity and low power consumption, reduce the noise, sound transmission loss and resonance leakage arisen from structural looseness, and greatly improve the power output.

3. AVV precise vertical vibration transmission
During the process of converting electrical signals into vibration signals, the vibrator is always in the state of precise vertical vibration, with uniform stability, high elasticity and strong sensitivity, able to effectively restrain the irregularity of vibration quality and better show the sound transmission performance and quality.

4. 3.0 full-automatic integrated mass production equipment
Adopt the self-developed mass production equipment of vibrators, automatically complete precise embedding and fixed assembly, realize standardized production, and provide stable and high-quality bone conduction device.


1. Multiple innovative wearing methods
Based on the cutting-edge vibrator technology, the team has carried out the innovative research & development of multiple bone conduction earphones suitable for different point wearing methods to meet the needs of people with various ear types and different hearing sensitivities.

2. Applicable to multiple application scenarios
The series products are applicable to sports, attendance, calls, meetings, study, business trips and other scenarios, with good effect and high comfort when being used in hearing aid earphones.

3. TWBS innovation in a true wireless form
The team has created bone conduction earphones into the TWS true wireless form, achieving TWBS (True Wireless Bone Conduction), which is a breakthrough in bone conduction technology, and the innovation in the true wireless field.

4. New-generation vibrator technology and commercial application in the futureNew-generation vibrator technology and commercial application in the future
Build the multi-scene intelligent and healthy hearing equipment for bone conduction, and explore more commercial applications of bone conduction devices in the “metaverse” field.

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