Brand Founding Story

According to the data released by the WHO, about 1.1 billion people (at the age of 12-35) are facing an irreversible risk of hearing loss all over the world; by 2050, it is estimated that nearly 2.5 billion people (occupying 1/4 of the total global population) may encounter hearing problems. At present, there are more than 72 million hearing-impaired people in China; by 2030, this number may reach 100 million.

“Failure to act on this issue will cause the loss to the health and wellbeing of the affected people….”

As the intelligent and healthy hearing solution provider, SoundSmart insists on the concept of “benefiting from technologies”, focuses on bone conduction technology and its application, and serves the people of all ages, to form a better relationship between “people” and “sound”.

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